i used to hate Valentine’s Day

All through high school I totally hated Valentine’s Day. I saw it as a yearly reminder that I was still single. I felt that the alternate name “Singles Awareness Day” was more than appropriate. And I wasn’t just cynical about it; it hurt. I was sick of being single and I spent a decent amount of time crying out to God, asking if my “time of waiting” could be over yet.

Now I’m in college–the time I thought I would be in a relationship–and I no longer hate Valentine’s Day. And I’m still single. What’s changed? I’m finally okay with being single. In fact, I kinda love it. Sure, I wish I had a guy who would give me some chocolate tomorrow and let me curl up next to him while we watch a movie. But life is about SO much more than a relationship so why would I let a lack of one ruin my life? The fact that I’m not dating someone right now isn’t an accident. God orchestrates my life and when it’s time for me to date someone, I will. And it will happen in the most wonderful way and I will be overjoyed. But God has decided that it’s not time for that yet. So rather than living in the future and whining that it’s so far away, I’ve chosen to enjoy what’s going on right now.

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have time to invest in the girls I live with. (Let’s be honest, I barely have time to do that now.) If I had a boyfriend, I might not be able to go to knitting club on Wednesday nights. Or I might use mealtimes as a chance to spend time with him and wouldn’t be able to use that time as a chance to stay connected with a bunch of different friends. I’m not saying being in a relationship is a bad thing. By no means! I’m just trying to say that God has given me this time to be single and invest myself in a bunch of different people. I don’t want to miss those opportunities because I wish I had a boyfriend.

So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day and you’re feeling bummed, ask God to help you find the joy in being single. Then put on some sweats, grab some chocolate and celebrate the adventure God has set you on.