impossible dreams

Last night the junior class council planned a bonfire complete with s’mores and apple cider (the latter of which, to be honest, was the only reason I went).  Toward the end of the night, as the crowd was slowly dispersing, I broke away from my friends to stand near the fire.  As I was standing there, the guy next to me started talking to me.  But it wasn’t one of those “are you having fun?  Isn’t the weather nice?  Do you like bonfires?” kind of awkward conversations.  He asked my name then asked me, “If you could do anything at all without any consequences whatsoever, what would you do?”  My first reaction was, “This is kinda weird.  I don’t even know this guy.”  But I answered his question and, as he continued to prompt me with more questions, getting me to give a more complete answer, I found myself having a good conversation with a stranger.  By the end of it, this guy knew some things about me that most of my friends don’t know.  Not because they’re secrets, but simply because no one has ever asked.

I’ve been thinking about that conversation ever since.  It was a mere 5-10 minutes of me just talking about my impossible dreams but it was one of the highlights of my night.  It made me realize how little my friends know about me and how little I know of them, not because we’re keeping secrets but simply because we don’t ask.  I’m always so caught up in my own little world–my schoolwork and struggles and fears–that I rarely invest time in such seemingly pointless conversations.  But this is what life is made of–impossible dreams and our timid steps to recreate them in reality.  Sometimes those dreams are my escape and sometimes they’re my motivation but they are part of me.  And I’m not the only one.  We all have our own strange and impossible dreams yet, even though they reveal so much about who we are, few people know about them.  Simply because no one has ever asked.

When this guy was asking me about my dreams, asking “why?” and “what would you do then?”, he wasn’t just talking to fill the silence or pass the time.  He was genuinely trying to get to know me; he wanted to hear my answers.  In fact, he didn’t talk about himself once.  He just listened.  That’s something I don’t do enough of.  It turns out that this short and unimportant conversation wasn’t so unimportant after all.


Along those lines, here are some interesting tidbits I’ve discovered over the last couple weeks:

six running trails across the country–I would love to explore the country via running trails!

These oven mitts are the cleverest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Nerdy jewelry–what could be better?

If someone buys me this shirt or this shirt, I will wear it for my half marathon in a couple weeks.


the beginning of junior year: an update

My junior year of college is now in full swing and it’s awfully exciting.  Since there are many people who are important in my life and I cannot call every one of you and update you on what’s going on, I’ve decided to dust off this blog and give you a peek into my latest adventures.  That is, after all, half the reason I created it in the first place.

To answer the first question people have: my summer was good.  I lived in an apartment down here in Cedarville.  My time was split between working full time as a pharmacy technician, taking physics at a nearby community college, and running.  That left time for a 50th wedding anniversary party (Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa!), two weddings and a couple visits home.  Though I regret not being home for the summer, I did grow in unexpected ways and did truly enjoy my summer.

This year I am living in a unit with seven other girls.  Five of us are pharmacy majors and it’s already been so much fun!  As far as classes go, I have a lighter load this semester since I’m only taking four classes.  That, however, in no way means I’m working any less hard.  One of those classes is the dreaded Human Structure & Function (essentially A&P).  Besides studying for that class, I fill my free time with intramural soccer, Club 517 (the ministry to middle schoolers I’m part of), working, unit dinners and tea drinking (it’s an important thing in our unit).  I’m also looking forward to using this new-found free time to become more involved in pharmacy related outreach (more about that in the future, I’m sure).

Speaking of pharmacy, as many of you already know, I have completed and passed the PCAT (pharmacy admissions test; comparable to the MCAT for doctors) and am now beginning the next step of applying to the school of pharmacy.  It’s hard to believe that in just one year I will be weeks into my first year of the doctorate program, wearing the coveted white coat, having earned the title “student pharmacist”.

This year holds a lot of exciting potential and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.  As I wrap up, I’d like to share a couple of prayer requests for those who’d like to know how to pray more specifically for me.  Because of my various involvements, I am in a position to share Christ’s love with a number of people in specific ways.  Please pray for wisdom for me and softened hearts for them.  I know this is personal and slightly unusual but it’s important to me.

Thank you so much for your support of me–your encouraging words make such a huge impact on my days.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just discovered two spiders hanging out above my bed that I need to take care of.