father/daughter bonding.







13.1 miles: done!

About a year and a half ago I started running with the ultimate goal of running a marathon with my dad.  Last weekend I hit a big milestone in that journey: the completion of my first half marathon!  We ran the Dayton River Corridor Classic which has a course that follows a bike path along with river.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for a long run.  The starting line was chilly but the sky cleared within the first couple miles leaving us with a beautiful, blue sky for the rest of the run.

My goal time was about 2 hours 16 minutes–a 10 min/mile pace, which is what I trained at on my long runs. ¬†My official time was 2:05, putting me right in the middle of the finishers (301 of 601) and number 17 in my age group. ¬†I had a great time (something I never thought I’d say about running) and am looking forward to the next one!


mile 6

Feeling good at mile 6.



One more mile!






The first of many medals I plan on earning.








life lessons from college

1.  Hot glue fixes everything.

2. ¬†If hot glue doesn’t fix it, tea does.

3. ¬†You will always look back on the previous year and think, “I was so immature.” ¬†If you ever stop thinking that, you’ve stopped growing.

4.  Always celebrate birthdays.  Regardless of tests, work or other responsibilities.  It can be as simple as getting pizza with a couple friends.  Celebrating in the midst of it all keeps life from getting bogged down with the mundane.

5.  Remember that everything ends.  Even organic chemistry.

6. ¬†Invest in relationships NOW. ¬†As a junior, I’m facing the fact that most of my friends will be leaving in two years and that’s pretty rough. ¬†But for now they’re stuck here with me so I’m doing what I can to cherish those friendships.

7.  Knitting is cool.

8. ¬†Learn how to say no and not feel bad about it. ¬†You can’t attend every event, volunteer with every group, donate to every organization. ¬†And they don’t expect you to.

9.  Ask people who are more mature than you to invest in you.  You will learn so much.

10.  Find someone younger than you to invest in.  You will learn so much.

11. ¬†Stop complaining. ¬†Everyone is busy, everyone has drama, no one knows what the future looks like. ¬†(I’m pointing to the mirror on this one.)

12.  Buy some nice pens and never let anyone borrow them.

13. ¬†Collect some worthless pens for aforementioned “borrowing”.

14.  Everyone under the age of 17 is basically 12.

15. ¬†Gen eds (or anything you are being required to do that seems completely irrelevant) may seem like a waste of time. ¬†Get off your high horse, put away the saddle and realize you don’t know everything. ¬†(Again, speaking to myself.)

16. ¬†Sometimes you don’t like the rules and sometimes you don’t agree with them. ¬†Deal with it. ¬†You put yourself under someone else’s authority and, in doing so, agreed to follow the rules. ¬†If you don’t like the rules, leave.

17. ¬†Family is important. ¬†Even if you’re not one to get homesick, you’ll find that your little brother’s football games are a lot more important when it’s not possible for you to see him play. ¬†Invest in your family; especially your younger siblings.

18.  Somehow, a strand of Christmas lights can make any room look homey.

19. ¬†If it’s important, make time for it.

20. ¬†Life is happening now; don’t miss it by always looking at the future. ¬†To quote Switchfoot, “This is your life–are you who you want to be?”