One of my “resolutions” for this year is to write more often.  With that in mind, I have given myself weekly writing prompts and will occasionally share my musings and written adventures here.

Fall is warm sun on your skin and a cool breeze in the air.  It’s flannel shirts and jeans.

Fall smells clean.  The air is clear, no longer heavy with heat and humidity.  The breeze carries the scent of leaves and bonfires.

Fall is a carefree time filled with spontaneous walks through the woods.  The satisfying sound of crunching leaves creates a background track to the laughter and conversation of friends reunited.

Fall is balmy days and cool evenings.  The question, “do I need a coat?” is heard nearly every day.

Fall is the chance to finally break out the favorite pair of boots and endless supply of scarves.

Fall is the last chance to get some sunbathing in.  It is football and chili and s’mores.

Fall is thunderstorms–the pounding of rain, the crack of lightening, the boom of thunder that reverberates in the chest.  The smell of clean air.

Fall is camping.  The smell of rain and wet leaves and smoke hangs in the air.  There’s a slight chill–just enough for sleeves to be unrolled or sweatshirts pulled on.  It is Dad reading by the campfire and the Buckeyes or Browns on the radio and card games played by the light of a lantern.

Fall is muddy shoes and trail runs and sore, satisfied muscles.

Fall is family and excitement.

The beginning of fall is the end of summer, but it is also the dawn of the best time of the year.