podcast highlight: Stuff You Should Know

A few years ago, I started listening to podcasts because I wanted something different while I ran.  Little did I know that this timid venture into a single podcast would open up an entire world of entertainment and education!  Since then, I’ve fallen in love with podcasts and follow a plethora of podcasters in widely varying topics and genres.  I think this medium is relatively unknown/misunderstood/underestimated and I would love to share some of the podcasts I’ve grown to appreciate.  So, periodically, I’m going to be doing a podcast highlight to share a specific podcast I’ve really enjoyed.

Since this is the first podcast highlight, I thought it would be appropriate to begin with the first podcast I listened to: Stuff You Should Know.


Who: Josh and Chuck are the hosts for this show and have been doing this for a while.  In fact, I believe their 1,000th episode will be late this summer!  Josh and Chuck work for HowStuffWorks, a company that puts out a bunch of different podcasts covering nearly any topic you can think of.
This show can be for pretty much any age group.  A lot of parents and teachers use these shows as an engaging form of education.  If there’s ever any potentially concerning content, the hosts are really good about including warnings in the description of the show and at the beginning of the recording.

What: Literally anything.  These guys tackle all kinds of topics from boomerangs to how to live off the grid to Evel Knievel.  They cover physics, medicine, politics, historical figures, animals, cannibalism…seriously anything.  They do thorough research but always acknowledge they’re not professionals in any of these topics and invite listeners to write in to add information or correct them.  If you ever want more information on a show, they include links and resources in the show notes on their website.

When: Episodes are usually around 45-60 minutes long and are released on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Recently, they’ve also started re-releasing an old episode on Saturdays to highlight some of their favorite past episodes.

Where: Episodes are available on Spotify, stuffyoushouldknow.com, and apple podcasts (just search ‘podcast’ in the app store), to name a few places!  You can connect with the guys on their website, Facebook and Twitter under both the show’s name and their personal profiles.
I like to listen to this show while I’m running and when commuting between my apartment and home.  I’ve also turned it on while on the road with my family and we still talk about the episode on exploding head syndrome! (Spoiler: it’s not quite a dramatic as it sounds)